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Are your boots made in the UK?

No. We are a British company based in Warwickshire. Our boots are made in Europe at a factory that is one and a half hours from Vienna so we have a close relationship during development.

Why don't you make them in the UK?

Energy costs are huge in mixing the rubber and vulcanizing the boots. This is prohibitive in the UK high energy cost programme.

Your boots seem tall?

The professional range, Field, Saxon, Viking, Invicta and Royal Zip are taller than most boots - the size 44 will come 17" (43 cms) up your leg.  The size 39 will come 16" (40 cms) up your leg.

What is your warranty?

The boots are guaranteed against manufacturing fault for one year but we will always look at an issue to see if it is a failure of the boot.

Do your boots crack and split?

Splitting is the bane of boot production and is especially prevalent in boots made in Asia. We use a very high rubber content to give flex and durability, this helps to eliminate splitting.

Why isn't there a leather lined zip boot?

We have looked at the leather lined boot but it would mean we would have to lower the zip closure into the mud zone which would give problems to the wearer.

I walk my dog 3-4 miles a day, can I use Gumleaf boots?

Our boots are designed for 24/7 use – something you want to put on every morning. We have some customers hiking over 20 miles a day in our boots.

I am a dairy farmer, can I use Gumleaf boots?

Several farmers wear Gumleaf boots but in the dairy you have to be careful as the chemicals used can affect the boots. It’s a comfort versus durability issue. They mostly last a year if worn in the parlour.

Do I order a size larger for sock?

We recommend that you order whatever your shoe size is. This works for nearly everyone and there is room for socks.

Can I wear neoprene lined boots all year?

If you wear boots a lot in the summer then cotton lined ones make sense but for the occasional summer outing neoprene is fine and adds to the comfort.







Guaranteed to last

Rock solid and guaranteed for one year.


Orders over £120 are delivered free of charge.

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