Gumleaf Story

The Gumleaf boot brand has been developed over the last 16 years by Norfolk farmer Alistair Paterson, and based on his active arable and livestock farm in North Norfolk, four miles inland from the unique and unspoiled, sandy East Anglian coast. The requirement was a good looking boot that would provide comfort day in and day out on the farm. Neoprene, supple natural rubber and air pockets in the sole unit, all combine with our excellent fit to provide the greatest level of comfort.

Our European factory has been making rubber boots in the traditional handmade way since 1937. You can obtain the higher rubber content mix that we use in Europe – not Asia – and ours is one of only two mainstream factories remaining in Europe that use natural rubber.

The high rubber content gives better flex in the boot – at all temperatures – and better grip. This adds to comfort and security. In 2017, we introduced Vibram to the entire range of green boots. Vibram make soles for the worlds best walking boots and we have found their sole unit to perform exceptionally in the field. Again, with the high rubber content of the European manufacturing, the very best grip in challenging conditions is available to the wearer.

We use 4mm neoprene in our boots and we make up a complete neoprene sock with a stitched in sole – this adds to comfort and warmth while ensuring the sole cannot move in the boot.  Our professional green boot range caters for all areas of country pursuits and work. The Royal Zip neoprene provides for easier off and on, the Viking neoprene caters for the wider calf or thicker insulated trousers. The Saxon is a standard neoprene boot for warmth while the Field is cotton lined for those warmer days.  

Gumleaf boots are environmentally green and sustainable made from a natural product – we also use wood chip to power our factory which significantly reduces our carbon foot print.


We have worked very hard to develop our range of products and hope that you like them!