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How to Keep Warm in Wellies

According to Mumsnet the secret to keeping feet warm in wellies is 'lots of socks'.

However their are solutions to wearing multiple pairs of socks to help keep your feet warm in wellies, especially in the winter months.

First up, avoid cotton socks. They may feel great however cotton in cold weather can actually make your feet colder as it does not keep its warmth while wet with sweat. Plus cotton because cotton does not dry out easily, in really cold weather it can actually freeze.

So what is the solution to keeping warm in wellies?

In a word, wool.

Woolen socks have the best fibres to keep your toes warm as wool both repels and absorbs water.

So make sure you avoid cotton and GO. FOR. WOOL.

Also thick socks do not necessarily equate with being warmer and if your socks are too thick for your welly it could cut off circulation to your toes because of pressure, just like it does in ski boots.

Layering can be an option, however, if you use a thin sock underneath with a thicker outer sock. You can also buy insoles to give your feet more protection from the cold soil. You will need to factor this in with your wellie sizing buying decision. 

There are disposable foot warmers which give off a lot of heat once squeezed, and could be placed behind the toes in wellies. And you could also consider purchasing boot heaters, typically used for skiing. Main brands are Sidas Therm-ic and Hotronics, and they come with rechargeable batteries that you could clip onto the outside of your wellies!

Follow these tips and you will stop the heat loss from your feet this winter.

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