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Gumleaf and the Environment

Eco Credentials

We are all aware of our ever increasing need to ensure that everything we produce is green, sustainable and as kind to the environment as possible.

Our British designed wellies are all hand-made in a traditional boot factory. They are made from a high-quality natural rubber which is sourced from sustainable plantations. Natural rubber provides greater durability and can withstand harsh environments. All our boots are tested by hand and leftover rubber is remelted and reused.

Wood chip powers the factory therefore significantly reducing our carbon footprint and the factory operates under strict REACH principles. 


Our wellies are packed in a natural recyclable box and we have changed our boot inserts to a more environmentally friendly cardboard insert to produce a more sustainable brand.

Guaranteed to last

Rock solid and guaranteed for one year.


Orders over £120 are delivered free of charge.

No quibble free returns

Send your boots back for a full refund or exchange